Freedom Convoy 2022 Saturday January 29th Joining the Protest in Ottawa #FreedomConvoy2022

Freedom Convoy 2022   Saturday January 29th   Joining the Protest in Ottawa #FreedomConvoy2022

Warning: Very loud horns!!

0:00 joining the convoy on the 417
4:06 slow roll on downtown streets
8:25 walking to the hill after dark

After two years, loss of job, family and some friends we were slowly dying inside. As melodramatic as it sounds it is also a very apt description of our emotional and mental state.

I heard about the convoy and started watching as many videos as I could find. All day Friday I was glued to the computer screen watching livestreams and other videos of the highway heroes along their long journey. It was amazing.

We decided quite impulsively but without any qualms to drive 8 hours to join in and stay downtown overnight. This video is just some thrown together clips of what I managed to shoot and via the dashcam.

Never have I been so proud of us and the global attention and support is quite frankly astounding. It would not be possible to reach so many people if it wasn’t for the internet. This video is my contribution to spreading the word and the truth of what is happening.

Everyone I encountered or observed behaved with great courtesy and care so much so that all you could see and hear were, forgive me, shiny happy people.

Step away from mainstream media and look for videos from those that are there. If you are the suspicious type focus on watching the livestream videos from Ottawalks or the aerial footage from The 4k Guy – Fire and Police. There are also plenty of truckers making their own vlogs that are worth watching.

Share videos on all of your social platforms. You don’t have to agree with the protest. You don’t have to be unvaxxed. This isn’t about that. This is about a lack of choice; about the Charter of Rights and freedoms being discarded; about the poor leadership that resembles a fascist regime or at least the very beginnings of one. Join the fight to keep the free spirit of Canada alive.

video ©Michelle Levasseur

music: Asset House – Six Umbrellas
Let me Live – XTakeRuX
Epicness – AShamaluevMusic
Beauty – Spectacular

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