‘People’s Convoy’ arrives at Maryland, their last stop before DC

‘People’s Convoy’ arrives at Maryland, their last stop before DC

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The People’s Convoy has reached Maryland and are about 75 miles away from the nation’s capital. The convoy expects hundreds if not thousands of vehicles to flood highways around D.C. over the weekend. Hundreds of truckers have spent the past week traversing the country from the west coast headed to the nation’s capital to protest COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates put in place by the federal government. The ‘People’s Convoy’ originated in California last week and has merged with several other organized convoys of varying size to converge on Washington, D.C. It is similar to the truck driver protests that halted Canadian government operations in Ottawa last month. The convoy arrived at Hagerstown Speedway, Maryland on Friday where they will stay overnight. The People’s Convoy has called on President Joe Biden to end the national emergency originally declared at the start of the pandemic, as well as any remaining coronavirus mandates. The Convoy – which has raised more than $1.5million in donations made through its own website – embarked from California last week and is expected to arrive in Washington D.C. on Saturday. Other truck caravans have departed across the nation, but none have been as large as the People’s Convoy. DC leaders have also increased police presence in the city and plan to reinstall the fencing that surrounded the Capitol complex for much of 2021.

#PeoplesConvoy #Maryland #VaccineProtests

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