Freedom Convoy 2022 – Solidarity Convoys Across Canada – Winnipeg, Jan 29

This video covers our own “Solidarity” convoy here in Winnipeg, which is just one of many that took place across Canada last Saturday Jan 29th.
These convoys show support for those representing freedom in Ottawa, many of which arrived in Ottawa that very day.

This video consists of the entirety of my 60 km drive that day, filming the event. Many sections are sped up, else the video would be very long.
For your convenience, you may use the timestamps below to find interesting moments, locations, and pockets of high density.

In terms of numbers, over the course of my personal drive, I confirmed 800+ vehicles to be in attendance. Though the true number is without a doubt higher, I am unsure of the precise value. I believe I arrived late to the event, and missed some attendees, perhaps a significant amount, on account of my lack of Omni-presence.

Note: Although it is not my usual style to cover “current events”, there have been too many opportunities far to interesting and important to pass up lately.

0:00 Intro
0:18 What Happened Last Saturday
1:18 Background
2:34 Disclaimers – Use The Timestamps

3:19 Deacons Corner – High Density
7:54 Our Flags
8:20 Dugald – Low Density
9:04 Where Is The News?
11:02 Unity
11:12 Main Street
11:46 2nd Pocket – High/Moderate Density
13:13 Pipeline Road – Moderate/Low Density
14:37 3rd Pocket – High Density
16:22 As Far As The Eye Can See
16:48 3rd Pocket – Continued
17:26 Paterson Road – Moderate/Low Density
18:55 4th Pocket – High Density
21:19 Entering Town – Portage Ave
23:40 Spray Painted Car
23:50 Portage Ave – Continued
24:25 Farm Equipment
25:14 The Whole Company
25:54 Moderate Density
26:26 Tractor Sign
26:45 5th Pocket – High Density
27:32 Low/Moderate Density
28:07 6th Pocket – High Density
28:45 Huge Flag
29:14 Speakers
29:52 Lead Vehicle – St James Street
30:31 It’s Everywhere
32:06 Later That Night

32:58 Numbers (Attendees, Length)
33:56 Outro

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