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Hololive Production[a] (Japanese: ホロライブプロダクション, Hepburn: Hororaibu Purodakushon) is a Japanese virtual YouTuber (VTuber) agency owned and operated by Cover Corp.[b] and launched in 2017. Popular VTubers under the agency’s management include Shirakami Fubuki, Minato Aqua, and Inugami Korone. Unlike earlier VTubers such as Kizuna AI and Kaguya Luna, Hololive talents focus more on live streaming than pre-recorded clips, with regular content including singing, gaming, and live chats with fans. As of September 2020[update], Hololive talents have more than 20 million combined subscribers on YouTube and Chinese platform Bilibili.[1]

Initially, the name “Hololive” was used only for Cover’s female VTuber agency, but on 2 December 2019, it was combined with the male Holostars agency and INoNaKa (INNK) Music label to form a single brand named “Hololive Production”. The three agencies are currently managed semi-independently of each other, alongside three foreign-language branches: Hololive China (CN), Hololive Indonesia (ID), and Hololive English (EN).


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Logo used from 2016 to 2019

Cover Corp. was established on 13 June 2016 by Motoaki “Yagoo”[c] Tanigo,[d] a graduate of Keio University’s Faculty of Science and Technology who had previously developed characters in collaboration with Sanrio while working at Imagineer and founded several internet-based startups.[1][2] Cover initially focused on developing augmented and virtual reality software,[1] and received financial support from the VR development firm Tokyo XR.[3][4] In February 2017, Cover released Ping Long League, a VR table tennis game for the HTC Vive on Steam.[5] In March 2017, the company showcased a demo of an interactive, real-time VR live streaming program that also utilized the Vive.[4]

According to Tanigo, the idea for a “virtual YouTuber” talent agency was inspired by existing virtual characters, such as Kizuna AI and Hatsune Miku.[1]

2017–18: Beginnings[edit]

Hololive debuted Tokino Sora [ja] (ときのそら), their first talent, on 7 September 2017.[6]

Auditions for a second Hololive character, Roboco (ロボ子), opened on 22 December 2017.[7]

On 5 April 2018, Hololive released a smart phone app for iOS and Android that translated users’ facial movements into those of one of four animated avatars in real time. Cover also teased auditions for additional talent and shared artwork for an upcoming VTuber.[8][9] Those auditions opened on 2 May, with five pre-designed characters – Aki Rosenthal (アキ・ロゼンタール), Hitomi Chris (人見クリス), Shirakami Fubuki [ja] (白上フブキ), Akai Haato [ja] (赤井はあと), and Natsuiro Matsuri [ja] (夏色まつり).[10] On the day auditions closed, 13 May,[11] Hololive debuted Yozora Mel (夜空メル) on YouTube.[12] Hololive’s 1st generation began their activities on Twitter on 1 June.[13] On 25 June, Hitomi’s employment by Hololive and channel were terminated due to contract breach.[14]

Minato Aqua [ja] (湊あくあ) and Murasaki Shion (むらさきシオン) began their activities on Twitter on 3 August, in advance of the rest of the 2nd generation. Aqua debuted on YouTube on 8 August 2018.[15] They were followed by Nakiri Ayame (百鬼あやめ) and Yuzuki Choco (癒月ちょこ), who debuted on 3 September and 4 September respectively,[16] and Oozora Subaru [ja] (大空スバル) on 16 September.[17]

Cover debuted AZKi, a VTuber separate from Hololive and focused on producing music, on 15 November 2018.[18]

On 6 December 2018, Cover announced the formation of another group of VTubers, Hololive GAMERS, which was to specialize in let’s plays and would be led by Fubuki,[19] who was joined by new Hololive talent Ookami Mio (大神ミオ) on 7 December.[20] Fubuki and Mio appeared together in a video on Hololive’s main YouTube channel on 19 December 2018 to demonstrate another update to the Hololive phone app that allowed for collaboration.[21] On 25 December, Cover announced the debut of another talent, Sakura Miko [ja] (さくらみこ), who would star in a daily series of anime shorts called Miko no Tsutome under a new brand, Holo Anime.[22][23]

2019: Growth and reorganization[edit]

On 8 January 2019, Hololive announced that it had signed a contract with Bilibili and would open 15 channels on the website. Hololive would also collaborate with Chinese fans translating their content and release original content for Bilibili.[24][25]

On 3 April, Hololive announced that GAMERS would be joined by two new members, Nekomata Okayu (猫又おかゆ) on 6 April and Inugami Korone (戌神ころね) later in the month.[26]

On 17 May 2019, Hololive opened permanent auditions in China and Japan.[27]

Cover announced on 19 May 2019 the creation of a music label, INoNaKa Music (INNK), which was formed by and from AZKi and the formerly independent VTuber Hoshimachi Suisei,[28][29] with Hololive staffer Tsuranimizu as its manager.[30]

On 27 May 2019, Cover established an all-male VTubers agency named Holostars.[31]

Auditions for the third generation of Hololive, dubbed “Hololive Fantasy”, were announced on 13 June, with three available positions.[32] Usada Pekora [ja] (兎田ぺこら) and Uruha Rushia [ja] (潤羽るしあ) debuted on 7 July,[33] while Shiranui Flare (不知火フレア), Shirogane Noel (白銀ノエル), and Houshou Marine (宝鐘マリン) debuted on 1 August.[34]

The first generation of Holostars debuted in June 2019.[35]

The first generation of Hololive China began debuting on 27 October 2019.[36]

On 2 December 2019, Cover announced the merging of Hololive, INNK Music, and Holostars to under the Hololive Production, though they would still operate as separate agencies under their respective management team.[37] Also on 2 December, Suisei transferred to Hololive from INNK, leaving AZKi as the music label’s only member.[38] Suisei’s transfer was followed on 25 December by that of Sakura Miko, also to Hololive.

Several members of Hololive appeared as guests at the events of Bilibili World 2019; Minato Aqua performed during the Guangzhou event on 14–16 August,[39] Nakiri Ayame, Shirakami Fubuki, Minato Aqua, Okami Mio, and Natsuiro Matsuri appeared at the Shanghai on 4–6 October,[40] and Matsuri appeared at the Chengdu event on 21–22 December.[41]

The Rizin Fighting Federation held an event for VTubers at the Saitama Super Arena on 29 December,[42] with a team from Hololive composed of Murasaki Shion, Tokino Sora, Natsuiro Matsuri, Akai Haato, Shirakami Fubuki, and Nekomata Okayu in attendence.[43]

Yozora Mel harassment case[edit]

Beginning in October 2019, Hololive 1st generation member Yozora Mel became the target of a harasser who identified themselves in an email on 30 October 2019 as a former employee of Cover. In response, Mel filed a report with local police and to Cover CEO Motoaki Tanigo. By March 2020, with the assistance of police and a personal lawyer, the harasser was positively identified and confronted, ending the harassment campaign.[better source needed] On 15 May 2020, Mel released a message on Twitter detailing the incident from her perspective as well as announcing her temporary leave from VTuber activities to deal with the stress and fear from the incident.[44] On 25 May, Cover released a statement signed by Tanigo that confirmed that the harasser was part of Yozora Mel’s management team and had a prior history of inappropriate behavior towards Mel. The individual was fired,[when?] but then continued to harass Mel using means outside of the company’s jurisdiction. Cover promised to revise its management structure and apologized to Mel and to her fans for both mishandling the incident as well as the delayed release of their statement. Cover also promised to fully compensate Mel for all losses incurred during the incident.[45] Mel returned to streaming on 24 June 2020.[46]

2020–present: Expansion[edit]

On 24 January 2020, Cover held the “hololive 1st fes. Nonstop Story” concert at the Toyosu PIT in Kōtō, Tokyo with all 23 then-current members of Hololive.[47] The concert was announced by Cover via PR TIMES on 4 November 2019.[48] Tokyo-based news agency PANORA reported on 27 December 2019 that tickets had sold out and that Cover would be livestreaming the event on Niconico.[47] During the concert, the receipt of 3D models by Suisei, Flare, and Noel was announced.[49][50] PANORA reported in their recap on 24 January 2020 that the concert had the largest cast of any event to that date in the VTuber industry,[51] and in an article in February 2020 that lines for admission had stretched onto a nearby bridge.[50]

On 7 February, Chūkyō Television Broadcasting announced the “VILLS” Virtual Unit Festival for 21 March, which was to feature Suisei and Miko as guest singers.[52] As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan, however, the event was postponed indefinitely on 27 February.[53]

On 22 March, Fubuki and Matsuri appeared in the Bilibili Spring V Festival, which was streamed live on Bilibili and Niconico.[54]

In place of Niconico’s 2020 Chokaigai event, which was also cancelled because of the Coronavirus pandemic, an online event was held that would include two days of VTuber streams lasting 2.5 hours on the first day and two hours on the second. The first generation of Hololive appeared on the first day and were followed on the second by Sora, Aqua and another appearance by Fubuki.[55]

To celebrate Minato Aqua’s second anniversary, Hololive held a pay-per-view livestream concert on Niconico on 21 August.[56]

As of August 2020, Hololive 4th generation member Kiryu Coco had earned 85 million yen (≈800 thousand USD) in super chat, making her the highest super chat earner of all time according to data collection site Playboard. Hololive 3rd generation members Uruha Rushia [ja], Usada Pekora [ja], Houshou Marine, and 2nd generation member Minato Aqua were also among the top ten highest super chat earners.[57]

As of September 2020[update], Hololive talents have more than 10 million combined subscribers on YouTube and 10 million additional combined followers on the Chinese video platform Bilibili.[1]

Hololive announced and debuted the 5th generation of its main group in August 2020.[58]

Shortly after the debut of Hololive 5th generation member Mano Aloe, an unknown individual discovered and publicized a video wherein Aloe tested her Live2D model months before her debut on a personal account on the Japanese streaming site TwitCasting [ja].[59] As part of this leak were Aloe’s personal information and the identity of a male acquaintance. On 17 August 2020, Mano Aloe released a video detailing her account explaining that the video was originally approved by her manager but she forgot to delete it afterward and that the incident would result in her being temporarily suspended for two weeks by Cover. She also asked fans to not contact her acquaintance and to stop calling her home phone. That same day, Cover released a statement on their Twitter page apologizing for the incident and announced a two-week suspension for Mano Aloe. On 31 August, Cover announced that Mano Aloe had decided to leave Hololive due to mental and physical stress.[60]

On 8 September 2020, Cover released a statement regarding their future responses to harassment of their talents, which included a report system to catch future incidents and taking legal action against harassers.[61] This statement was released a few days after Ichikara, the company managing Nijisanji [ja], announced the creation of their own “harassment countermeasure team”.[62]

Auditions for English speaking VTubers began on 24 April 2020.[63] On 9 September 2020, COVER announced the imminent debut of the 1st generation of their English-language branch,[64] dubbed “hololive English -myth-“.[65]

Taiwan controversy and suspension[edit]

In September 2020, Coco and Haato mentioned Taiwan while discussing their YouTube analytics for viewers by region. This sparked an outrage within Chinese viewers and was followed up by an official statement from Cover,[66] which had a Japanese, English, and a Chinese version. In the statement, Cover apologized for “inappropriate remarks” made by Coco and Haato, and found them at fault for “divulging confidential YouTube channel analytics information”. The two received a three-week suspension from all activities. In a separate statement posted on BiliBili for the Chinese audience, Cover stated that neither Coco nor Haato’s comments reflected their policy in China,[67] and reaffirmed their support for the One-China policy and their commitment to doing business in China.[68] On 30 September 2020, Cover released another statement in which they clarified their actions, stating that the statements they had made previously were made after consultation with their Chinese partners. Cover also apologized for miscommunications with its audiences, and announced changes in their methodology for releasing statements to the regions in which it does business and the formation of a committee to prevent similar incidents. Tanigo was found at fault at an emergency meeting of company management and was relieved of a portion of his salary.[69]

Selected discography[edit]



INNK Music[edit]



  • Holo no Graffiti (2019–present)[72]

Game appearances[edit]

  • Dawn of the Breakers – Appeared in a collaboration event.[73]
  • Azur Lane – Appeared in a collaboration event.[74]
  • Neptunia Virtual Stars/VVVtunia – Appeared as guest characters.[75]
  • World of Warships – Appeared as paid character packs.[76]


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