CONVOY 2022 NZ Day 5 | Freedom Convoy
For anyone doubting the resolve of these protestors checkout this video. Faced with the remnants of Cyclone Dovi smashing Wellington with driving rain horrendous howling winds lashing in from all directions, coupled with torturous tunes being pumped relentlessly from Government speakers designed to drive the most stable and hardiest soul to the very brink of Insanity. These protestors took everything thrown at them on that long vile cold wet Sunday they took it in typical stoic Kiwi fashion, they worked to help each other, they re-established a flattened medical field tent in the back of a newly arrived truck, they organised a clothing stall to distribute the mountains of blankets warm dry clothes and wet weather gear all donated by supporters, the by now legendary marvels in the food tent continued to churn out piping hot soups, kebabs pizzas, veggies, muffins again all donated day after day after day to keep the people nourished for the trials ahead, the coffee cart, the donut cart all worked tirelessly all at no cost to the grateful gathering. To a man woman and child they smiled they sang they danced they laughed, they worked like Trojans to offload a truck full of heavy wet hay bales to lay atop the former well manicured lawns now turned into a muddy wasteland Initially made worse by the Speaker of the house pulling a child like tactic of turning on the lawn sprinklers to annoy the protestants. This had the opposite effect of course, these are Kiwi’s they adapt and thrive, their stance is galvanised they remain staunch. Not once did I see any form of aggression or even disgruntlement, all I saw was a collection of folk from differing backgrounds and lifestyles who just got stuck in happily playing the cards they were dealt to the very best of their Individual and collective ability. No matter what your thoughts regarding this New Zealand section of the ever expanding Convoy 2022 global movement one thing you surely can’t deny is the determination of these people after all they are just normal folk with perhaps a contrary point of view to yours. Personally I’ve never shot anything in conditions quite like those just trying to keep a focus something like and the camera something like semi dry was a nightmare, worse still the constant moisture and condensation on the lens which try as I might I just could not clear. Initially I was gutted at the results but now on reflection I’m fine with the quality it is what it is it was an absolute shitter of a day and the results reflect that. Hope you can enjoy this video whatever your feelings on this protest.
Regards Paul.
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