Emergencies Act inquiry: Ex-Ottawa police chief faces heated scrutiny on 2nd day of testimony | FULL

Former Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly faced heated questioning by an Ottawa police lawyer during his second day of testimony at the commission probing the government’s use of the Emergencies Act in response to the convoy protest.

Sloly defended the police force for their handling of the protest in his first day on the stand, and had to defend his leadership in questioning by multiple bodies in the second day.

“You were pretty concerned that you would lose your job and be blamed for what had happened,” Lawyer David Makovsky said, in which Sloly responded with “absolutely not, sir.”

Sloly has been repeatedly accused of creating confusion and dysfunction in the ranks of the Ottawa police during the protest by not abiding by the chain of command.

He says he was concerned after his deputies appointed a new event commander without informing him. Documents shown during the testimony revealed miscommunication and “trust issues” among senior officials at the OPS.

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