Emergencies Act inquiry: Extremists among convoy could attack the public, PM’s adviser warned | FULL

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s national security adviser and other senior officials felt the Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s threshold to determine a national threat under the Emergencies Act “should be reconsidered,” a public inquiry has learned.

Jody Thomas told lawyers for the Public Order Emergency Commission, which is investigating the federal government’s decision to invoke the act during the “Freedom Convoy” protests last
winter, that in her opinion, the “totality of circumstances” at the time constituted a threat to national security, documents say.

She confirmed during testimony on Thursday that when cabinet met on Feb. 13 and ultimately decided to use the Emergencies Act, she was asked whether she thought it was necessary. She told them: “Yes.”

And she contradicted earlier testimony from RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, who told the inquiry earlier this week that she did not get a chance to convey a report during the Feb. 13 meeting that said police had not exhausted all the “tools” available to them in existing legislation.

“Individuals who are at that meeting are expected to provide information that is of use to decision-makers, being the prime minister and his cabinet,” Thomas said. “And so if there’s useful information or critical information, it needs to be provided whether you’re on the speaking list or not.”

Deputy Minister of Finance Michael Sabia, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Economic Policy Branch Rhys Mendes, and Assistant Deputy Minister of the Financial Sector Policy branch Isabelle Jacques also testified Thursday.

00:00:00 – Documents entered
00:15:55 – Testimony begins for Michael Sabia, Rhys Mendes and Isabelle Jacques
02:23:25 – Break
02:41:18 – Cross-examination begins for Michael Sabia, Rhys Mendes and Isabelle Jacques
03:47:10 – Break
04:46:35 – Cross examination continues for Michael Sabia, Rhys Mendes an Isabelle Jacques
05:55:30 – Former National Security Adviser Jody Thomas testifying begins

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