Emergencies Act inquiry: “Parking all over city” not part of the plan, says convoy organizer | LIVE

“Freedom Convoy” organizers testified at the public inquiry into the federal government’s use of the Emergencies Act on Tuesday.

Among those testifying was Chris Barber, who said that it was never the intention of the convoy to park their trucks on city streets.

“Ninety per cent of the trucks were stuck out on Sir John A. MacDonald I believe. Pretty much abandoned. Nobody knew where to go. Nobody had direction. If it were the staging areas we were allowed to take — Major Hills Parks and Confederate Park— we would have been off the main streets. Occupying or parking all over the city was never part of why we came,” Barber said.

Barber also said that organizers were working behind the scenes with the city to strike a deal to try to quell the honking to only specific times of the day. “They were annoying,” Barber said of the honking.

Several of the protest organizers, including Barber, Tamara Lich, and Pat King are facing criminal charges related to their involvement in the protests.

The inquiry is investigating the events leading up to the federal government’s emergency declaration Feb. 14, weeks into demonstrations that had gridlocked downtown Ottawa and spilled into border blockades elsewhere.

00:00:00 – Start of hearing
00:10:00 – Chris Barber testimony
04:36:00 – Steeve Charland testimony (no translation)
05:21:13 – Steeve Charland testimony (translation)
06:53:12 – Brigitte Evelyn Ilse Belton’s testimony

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