Pierre Poilievre calls “Freedom Convoy” trucker protest “an emergency Justin Trudeau created”

The leader of Canada’s official opposition, Pierre Poilievre, said on Friday after the final report on the use of the Emergencies Act was released, that “it was an emergency Justin Trudeau created, by attacking his own population by driving up their cost of living and by making it impossible to pay their bills.”

“He poured more gasoline on the fire with nasty insults, jabbing his finger in the faces of his own citizens, something that even today’s report acknowledged contributed to the length and intensity of the protest,” Poilievre said.

Justice Paul Rouleau, who released his 2,000-page final report on Friday, found Trudeau’s government met the “very high threshold” for invoking the Emergencies Act after failures by police and politicians to address the protests.

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