Canada: One year after the freedom convoy 20 hours compilation – Part 2/2

Second half of a stunning twenty hours 4K raw video footage uninterrupted compilation of the infamous “freedom convoy” Covid-19 vaccine mandate trucker’s protest in early 2022. The trucker’s rally turned into an occupation initially gathered from all corners of Canada into the downtown core of the capital city Ottawa started one year ago. For the following three weeks, trucks, cars, recreational vehicles and other heavy machinery remained parked in the city center streets and boulevard surrounding the Parliament of Canada. Organizers chose the figurative location to protest against the newly implemented Covid-19 vaccine mandate that came in order on January 1st 2022. The new law came with a mandatory obligation for all people traveling back from the United States and other countries to provide proof of vaccination in order to enter Canada, triggering anger and panic from transport workers across the country. Footage in this compilation was filmed between Toronto and Ottawa from January 30th 2022 to February 20th 2022.

First half:

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