Freedom Trucker Convoy Tribute | Heartfelt Montage 🍁 2022 | Go Canada!

From crowds cheering on overpasses to peaceful moments at Parliament Hill, to the emotional words of truckers and others who support’s our Canada.
#freedomconvoy2022 #truckers #ottawa “I support truckers” is the theme that emerges from these “best moments” among so many in Canada. Millions of memories, moments, connections and reasons for hope across the country.
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The Honourable Candice Bergen, Question Period (cpac)

“Sikhs message of support to Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy 2022 to Ottawa”
by ਕੰਵਲਜੀਤ Kanwaljit ਸਿੰਘ Singh

“Drone Footage from Emerson MB Border #FreedomConvoy2022”
By Nomad Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show

“Parliament Hill: Overhead crowd shot Sunday afternoon daytime protest 1-30-2022”
by The 4K Guy – Fire & Police

“Conservative MPs comment on trucker convoy protest – January 27, 2022” (Pierre Poilievre)


“360° footage from Freedom Convoy 2022 – Downtown Ottawa – Parliament Hill – Saturday Jan 29”
by Ottawalks

by Sab Pantaloni SP Production

“LIVE Ottawa – RAW Footage: Freedom Convoy 2022 – Parliament Hill – Tuesday Feb 1”
by Ottawalks

“Drone – Parliament Hill Freedom Protest Jan 29, 2022”

by Eagle Vision Video Productions Ltd.

“Honking the Horn‘s for Freedom #FreedomConvoy2022”
by Nomad Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show

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