The Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 (passthrough in Kitchener, Ontario)

The Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 is in full swing and here’s what the support is really like for this movement. As the Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 Ottawa / Truckers for Freedom 2022, truckers protest to stand up to Trudeau’s vaccine mandates and tyranny through peaceful protests.

The experience was so powerful, that I decided to make a film out of it as it travelled on the 401 through Kitchener, Ontario, Canada on January 27th, 2022. This could be the beginning of something historic. Thank you, truckers, for doing what’s right.

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This Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 footage shows truckers from both Canada and US who, like us, have had enough of Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. But instead of being docile, these truckers had enough and are driving from all over as one to arrive in Ottawa for peaceful vaccine mandate and vaccine passport protests at Parliament. On their way, contrary to MSM, they’ve received no shortage of support from people who know actually going on in the world.

My thank you to each and every one these truckers was to do one of things I do best — tell the story of this powerful day. It was the first “protest”-esque event I’ve ever been to and I was blown away at the support for these people who are reminding us what it’s like to have a backbone as a Canadian. I absolutely love it and I hope this helps you experience a little bit of what it was like, too.

Song: The Victory is One For All by Lemon Music Studio

PS. The irony of the song name is priceless. Even if you hate our cause or hate us, we’re still fighting for your freedoms too.

PSA: I do not condone any signs that YouTube might not like LOL I’m just here to document what all the support for this movement looked like 🙂 so many good hearts out there 👌🏻

0:00 Early support for Freedom Convoy in Kitchener
0:30 Freedom Convoy 2022 starts to show up
0:58 Raw, unfiltered passion
1:24 Convoy for Freedom heads to Ottawa
2:49 Afterthoughts
3:10 Final message

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Also known as the trucker protest convoy, the freedom convoy Ontario, or the freedom convoy Canada 2022, this Freedom Convoy 2022 footage shows the overwhelming support for the freedom convoy Canada 2022 Ottawa. This is the Kitchener passthrough of the 2022 freedom convoy. The truckers convoy for freedom 2022 is for truckers protest in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. This is the Joe Rogan freedom convoy and Russell Brand freedom convoy that both have been talking about. This freedom convoy in Kitchener, Ontario (401 route) came from Michigan, included lots of wonderful patriotism, love and smiles, even including a hilarious “Justin Trudeau, your ship has sunk.” truck. The trucker protest convoy or the convoy Ottawa 2022 will take place on January 29th 2022 and will be peaceful protests. All of the 2022 freedom convoy footage in this video shows Freedom Convoy Canada raw footage, Freedom Convoy Ontario raw footage. Back in the day, Justin Trudeau truckers used to be friends but he turned his back on them just like he did with health care workers. Truckers freedom 2022 is a critical thing for Canadians because the truckers convoy Ottawa 2022 is showing us what it means to be a Canadian again. Truckers Ottawa protests could change everything.

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