Toronto LIVE: Freedom Convoy Downtown Stream (Feb 5, 2022)

Toronto LIVE: Freedom Convoy Downtown Stream (Feb 5, 2022)

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Below are affiliate links featuring tech I use to create the videos I upload to this channel. I will earn a small commission from each purchase which will be used to support the channel if you use the links:

TekTrendy ES Commute Scooter:
TekTrendy website (e-gadgets & scooters):

Cameras and Mics
DJI Pocket 2 (walking videos):
DJI Osmo Pocket (walking videos):
GoPro Hero 9 Black: (cycling videos & livestreams):
GoPro Hero 7 Black (original cycling videos):
DJI Osmo Action (cycling videos):
DJI Osmo Action (with charging kit):
Shure MVL Omnidirectional Lav Microphone (my primary mic for walking+cycling):

Moza Mini MX Gimbal (used in livestreams):
DJI Osmo Mobile 4 Gimbal:
Freewell Circular Polarizer (for Osmo Pocket):
PolarPro Circular Polarizer (for Osmo Action):
GETIHU USB C Power Bank:
Samsung EVO Plus 128gb Micro SD Card (good for 4K60 content):
Samsung EVO Plus 256gb (same as above but larger capacity):
Action Cam accessories For GoPro/Osmo Action (includes helmet+chest cam mount):
GoPro Carrying case (also works with Osmo Action):
Seagate 5TB USB external HD:
Sony WH1000XM4 Noise Cancelling Headphones:
Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout Edition:
Raz Pro Smart Tail Light:

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