Variants of SARS CoV-2 | Mutations

In this video we have discussed the Variants of SARS CoV 2 Virus that has got various lineages currently throughout the globe.
The SARS CoV-2 has undergone different mutation that has given rise to many different variants.
Here we have discussed the B.1.1.7 , B.1.351 , B.1.429 , B.1.617, B.1.1.318 , B.1.525 , P.1.

These includes the UK Variant , US Variant , South African Variant , Brazilian Variant , Indian Variant .

The most important that we see in these variants are :
E484K , E484Q , Y144del , D614G , N501Y , K417N, L452R, D796 H , P618H , H69-V70 del