How’s COVID-19 different from SARS & MERS? || COVID-19 vs SARS & MERS || Practo

What makes COVID-19 different from SARS and MERS? What are the types of Coronaviruses? How did COVID-19 begin? What makes COVID-19 different? How does the virus spread in our body? Dr Rajesh Bhardwaj, an ENT specialist with over 37 years of experience, explains how COVID-19 differs from SARS and MERS.

Video Breakdown:

0:30 Types of Coronavirus

0:47 SARS- COV

0:58 MERS

1:49 What makes COVID-19 different

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Video Transcript:
The WHO named the disease caused by the SARS coronavirus as COVID-19. It is a relatively
new disease and we are learning more and more about it to find out why this disease is so
lethal, why it spreads so fast and what are the factors that make it transmissible to such a large
The Different Types of Coronaviruses
The SARS Coronavirus that we are presently seeing is the seventh coronavirus. They were four
strings of coronavirus earlier in existence, which used to cause symptoms of minor cold and flu-
like influenza.
Subsequently, in 2002, we discovered a new strain called the SARS Coronavirus, which was a
severe acute respiratory syndrome. This was an epidemic which came in 2002 and caused a lot
of infections.
The second epidemic came in the year 2012, which was the MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory
Syndrome). This originated from Saudi Arabia and largely remained isolated to Saudi Arabia,
though few cases were seen in other countries as well.
Currently, we have now the SARS Coronavirus 2 which is now present all over the world, which
started off in Wuhan, China and is rapidly transmissible from human to human. The original
virus has probably been from a bat and it has made a zoonotic transmission from an animal to a
human. The SARS coronavirus is extremely transmissible. Its symptoms range from mild
symptoms to patients who suffer mortality is because of the severity of the infection.
Differentiators of SARS-CoV2 & Other Coronaviruses
What differentiates the SARS Coronavirus & the current pandemic in the world from other
coronaviruses is its affinity to ACE-2 receptors. The human body has many H2 receptors, and a
number of them are in the lungs. As soon as the virus enters the human body, it binds with the
ACE-2 receptors and then spreads across all over the body. After multiplying, the two halves of
the spike protein of the Coronavirus can also be split by an enzyme in the human body. And as
soon as this is split the virus multiplies faster and that also adds to its transmissibility!